Building a Professional Website

Nice to virtually meet you! If you’re thinking about a website for your business, you have come to the right place. Our goal is to remove the stress of understanding how websites work, so you can focus on what you do best. You can leave all the tech stuff to us.

Focus on your business, and do what you do best.

We often get a lot of questions about how we approach websites and what is the best method to ensure your website will work for you and turn visitors into clients. Below we have outlined our process into 5 stages.

Website Design and Development Process


Our initial conversation will be to discuss the basics of your business, your goals with the website, and the content (images, text, etc.) that you already have available. We also like to get a sense of your taste, so it really helps to have examples of other websites that you admire or ones that you are directly competing with.


Once we better understand the scope we can put together a game plan with hours and budget. Some clients like to work backwards and start with the budget. In that manner we can tell you how much we would be able to contribute in terms of time. Our cost is based on time, $60/hr


Once we get the green light to start the project we’ll put together a layout for each page that needs to be created, based on content and objectives. The layout is usually a black and white template that helps guide the initial design and flow of the website. Once we decide on a framework we can draft a layout in that particular style. You would then review this as a PDF file.


After editing/approving the layout PDF we will work on the design PDF. This is where we introduce colors, patterns, photography, etc. Again, you would review this as a PDF file.


Once the design file is exactly what you want we can start bringing it to life online. After its programmed there will be one final review for any remaining edits. Upon completion you can certainly take the reigns and make any routine updates. If you like a more hands off approach we can handle all the updates through the year and maintenance required on the site.


Timelines certainly vary with the project. However, they typically span 2 weeks to 2 months for branding and web design projects. Photoshoots and simpler graphic design can have much quicker turnaround, ranging from 24 hours to three weeks.


Every project has different needs. For this reason it’s important to first review a project brief and discuss your needs expectations. Please email us so that we  prepare a formal estimate as soon as possible. A simple single page website starts at $1500.

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