Project Description

Gino’s Sandwich Shop

For this startup sandwich shop all the way in Lima, Peru we created a complete branding package. Based in a neighborhood that takes food seriously, the visual personality of the brand needed modern attraction with authentic roots. Their unique sandwich buns are commemorated in the logo, making the kind of equitable mark every business needs.

Style Guide

As with any brand style guide it was important to define all visual elements – from logo variations to typography. For the color palette we sought inspiration directly from the sandwiches. The resulting combination is true to the Peruvian cuisine yet still differentiates the brand from other competitors.

Client Feedback

“Our domain is food and business operations, not so much design. We turned to the Johnsons because we needed an identity that did our sandwiches justice. That’s exactly what they did. Their pre-design research was very thorough, especially since we’re dealing with an overseas Spanish-speaking market. The bottom line is that we couldn’t be happier. Many thanks.”