OCF Church

When you have a large congregation with dynamic ministries it only makes sense to have a website that’s efficiently organized and easy to navigate. We created a website for this Los Angeles based church that serves their needs operationally, but also for the different types of visitors. New visitors can quickly find a summary of the church’s ministry focus, activities, and other resources. Meanwhile, church members can easily access the information and updates they need. Not only is the website optimized for functionality, but it also features new branding with a cohesive color scheme that sets the tone for the church’s “personality.”

Modern Church Website

Professional Headshots

Graphic Design

We have also designed a variety of different graphics for applications throughout the church, be that for print or digital. From maps to posters, we offer a full suite of graphic design services. To give the stage color and context for sermon series topics we even created two large format truss graphics. These graphics light up beautifully, and are periodically switched out. It’s a process that moves from sketches to 2D renderings, and end up as high-resolution digital files for print.

Client Feedback

YOU GUYS! The website looks absolutely wonderful!!! Everyone is very happy with the website. Thank you again for taking on this endeavor with us.